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Lego Tables with Storage: A Definitive Guide

Lego Tables come in different styles and varieties, from small preschool tables to large activity tables.  However, LEGO tables with storage provide the greatest benefit of all LEGO tables.
What makes these tables so special?  Here are a few hints…

Ever jumped out of bed, knowing that this was going to be your best day, only to step on your child’s favorite and most pointy LEGO toy?  I think still have the imprint in my foot…ouch!

Ever thought about how you’re going to teach your little one to begin picking up his or her toys without hearing any backtalk?  You know what I’m talking about…

Ever had a guest attempt to “pop-in” for a visit with little or no warning, and you were too embarrassed to let them in the door and see your living-room floor “war-zone?”

No worries.  If your child has one of the LEGO tables with storage, you can nearly eliminate any of the scenarios above.
You’ll have an opportunity to end the chance of stumbling over another toy, keep your house “inspection-ready” and teach your precious one the all-important skill of organization.

Imagine the day you get to wake up, stroll into your living room and not have to “bob and weave” through your child’s toys to get to your front door!   


Simply by purchasing a LEGO table with storage.  

The 3 most common options with LEGO tables are bag, tub, or drawer storage.

Which type of storage best fits your needs?  It really depends on how much storage you already have.

Drawer storage tables tend to have the most space for your child's toys, followed by tub storage, although that is not always the case.

Bag Storage tables generally have the least amount of room for storage; therefore, if you purchase a bag storage table, you may want to purchase an additional storage container.

A.    Bag Storage

1. Duplo Compatible Preschool Play Table

The table appears to have a "hole" in the middle of it. 

The piece that fits over this hole has been removed to demonstrate where how and where your child will store his or her toys when finished playing.

It's such a simple but powerful concept. Not only does your child not have to take toys to another room, your child doesn't even have

Duplo Compatible Preschool Play Table with Bag Storage

to get up from the table for clean up.  It's as easy as pushing the toys toward the center of the table and placing the fitted piece back on top.
Nothing to it!  This convenient storage option makes this the ideal table to teach your child his or her first lesson on organization. 

2. Imaginarium LEGO Activity Table and Chair Set

The Imaginarium LEGO Activity Table comes with not 1, but 2 bag storage nets under the table for easy, "no more excuses allowed" storage. The bags slide out from opposite ends of the table as shown in the picture below.

This table also features the following:

Imaginarium LEGO Activity Table and Chair Set with Bag Storage

B.    Tub Storage

1. Quad Table with Storage (Chairs not included)

This is the ultimate LEGO DUPLO compatible storage table. If you purchase this table, you will not need to consider ever buying another unless you have these 2 things:


Quad Table with Storage

A. A LARGE family (more than 4 children).
B. You are purchasing for a classroom.

Other than that, this should be all the table you would ever need.  This table includes 6 storage bins and another storage area inside the table (shown above).  In addition, there are shelves on both sides of the table.

More importantly, your children, younger and older both, will have an immense area of space to play, learn and create together

2. Jonti-Craft KYDZ Bulding Table - Fully Assembled

This fully assembled table from the Jonti-Craft organization has 4 storage tubs that conveniently fit into each side of the table itself (shown in picture). This is probably the best table for a child who

Jonti-Craft Building Table with Colored Tub Storage

already possesses decent organizational skills, but needs a little help from you to get better.

Other features:


3. Little Tikes EasyAdjust Play Table

The Little Tikes Play Table also has, similar to the Jonti-Craft table, 4 large, safe for the diswasher, storage tubs.  This should be all the storage you need for your child's LEGO toys and accessories. 

Little Tikes EasyAdjust Play Table with Tub Storage

Other benefits of this table include:

C.    Drawer Storage

1. Imaginarium LEGO Creativity Table - Expresso

This handsome-looking and sturdy 42 pound table is another wildly popular creation from LEGO's Imaginarium table line. It sports a

Imaginarium LEGO Creativity Table - Expresso with Drawer Storage

small drawer (seen in photo) for storage.  Pens, pencils and other writing materials will fit in the drawer; however, you'll need to find additional storage space if your child has more LEGOs or accessories. 

Additional features include:

2. Build-N-Play Table

This Build-N-Play table, manufactured by Wood Designs is technically not a drawer-storage table.  I liked it so much; however, that I didn't want to leave it off of this list.

This table is made of 100 percent Healthy Kids plywood. For more information on Wood Designs' Healthy Kids products, click here.

Storage is plentiful, simply slide off the playboard on each side and have your child place his or her toys in the "drawers" below.


Build-N-Play Table with Drawer Storage

As you can see in the photo above, one side has a LEGO DUPLO compatible building plate, the other side has a checker board pattern. 

Therefore, instead of having to flip the table over to change from building to reading, your child can easily move to the other side of the table.

This table is another example of possibly the only LEGO table you may ever need to purchase.

Interested in other LEGO tables?  Please visit either the LEGO tables, LEGO DUPLO table, LEGO Play Table or the LEGO Activity Table links for other definitive guides for LEGO table and accessory ideas.

Thanks for visiting your one-stop LEGO tables with storage shop today!