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Which of the LEGO Tables is Perfect for Your Child?

LEGO Red Flip-Top Play Table LEGO 3-Seat Play Table

Lego Play Table

Has the wide range of LEGO Play Table choices given you trouble picking the perfect one for your child?  Don't look any further!

Four of the most popular LEGO sets are the 3-seat, the Flip-Top, the DUPLO Compatible Preschool and the larger Flip-Top LEGO and DUPLO Combo Play Table.
Our lists of the features and benefits of each LEGO table which will be enough for you to base your choice on.
In any case, be sure to check the minimum suggested age of any LEGO accessories you decide to purchase.  The minimum suggested age of the accessory may be higher than the table, so be very careful.
The safety of your child is more important than the purchase of any toy!

1.    LEGO 3-seat Play Table

This LEGO table shown can be called the table of 3’s.  The specifics of this toddler table with chairs includes the following:

•    3-year old minimum suggested age


LEGO 3-seat Play Table

•    3 children can be seated, 3 can also sit or stand while                       playing
    3 distinct activity areas
    3 vibrantly colored building plates (yellow, red and blue)

Tired of LEGO people, bricks and mini-figures strewn across the room after your child has finished playing for the day?  Problem solved!  This table has a storage unit in the middle of the table.  Your child can simply push the items through the hole in the center of the table for safe keeping until the next time.

(For the definitive guide to LEGO tables with storage, please click here).

Another important aspect of this table that makes it unique is the table’s size.  At 40 inches wide, it is one of the widest Lego tables.  Therefore, if you want to purchase this table for home use, please make sure you have enough space.
Due to its large size, the LEGO 3-seat Play Table is one of the best  tables for both home and classroom use.

2.    LEGO Red Flip-Top Play Table

If your child likes to build both LEGO and LEGO DUPLO sets, then the economical Flip-Top Table (shown below), with a 3-year minimum suggested age, may be the correct table for you.

The table top is reversible, meaning your child can assemble LEGO bricks on one side of the table, and then flip the table over to build with LEGO DUPLO bricks. 

Price Saving Tip:  If your younger child uses the larger DUPLO blocks now, buying this table could save you money later.  When your child gets older and begins to engage with the classic size LEGO bricks, all you have to do is flip the table over!  You won't need to purchase another table.

If you see a picture of this table with a storage bin, don’t let the image fool you. 

LEGO DUPLO Red Flip-Top Play Table

Some pictures of this table show a storage bin underneath the table.  Unfortunately, the storage bin that you may see pictured is not included.

However, if you need storage, you have several options to choose from.  Many storage options cost $500 and up. 

However, there is a more economical option, one you might find difficult to believe.

The Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins unit is a terrific lower-cost option for storage for its size.  Check out its features:


Toy Organizer and Storage Bins

3.   DUPLO Compatible Preschool Play Table

This nearly indestructible hardwood oak table is large enough to handle 4 children (1 per color) at once, which also makes this table an excellent choice for the classroom.

Storage is a breeze!  The table comes complete with a mesh bag (shown) underneath the table’s center.

DUPLO Compatible Preschool Play Table

It comes with a bigger grid (DUPLO) for younger children's smaller hands, but you also have the option to purchase the classic size grid (LEGO) table for older children.

Does this mean if you buy the DUPLO that you'll have to purchase the classic grid as your child gets older?  

Absolutely not...we've got an "app" for that...

4. Flip-Top LEGO & DUPLO Combo

Your "app" is that one side of the table is for LEGOs and the other side is for DUPLOs.  Just flip it over, just like the LEGO Red Flip Top Play Table shown above.  If you have more than one child, or are

Flip-Top LEGO and DUPLO Combo

purchasing for a classroom, this table would probably be best for you.

NOTE: Like the LEGO Red Flip-Top Table, this table does not have a storage option.

In conclusion, your child will throughly enjoy any LEGO Play table you decide to purchase.  Please take your time to completely peruse the features and benefits listed above in order to choose the perfect table for your child and your particular situation.

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