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Which of the LEGO Tables is Perfect for Your Child?

LEGO Imaginarium Table LEGO DUPLO Table Girls Pink LEGO DUPLO Table


How large of a table does your child require?  If your child needs a large LEGO table to create the next McMansion or MegaPlex, then the LEGO DUPLO table may be the perfect gift to satisfy your child’s creative genius!

This one-sided, finished wood table has 4 building-plates (bright red color) with studs for your LEGO and LEGO DUPLO bricks.

In addition to its ample size, the LEGO DUPLO table also is one of the sturdiest tables that LEGO makes, with 4 resilient, long-lasting metal brackets to support each table leg.

The surface of the table measures 28 by 28 and 20 inches high, great for most children.  At 30 pounds, this table will withstand the most rambunctious child play.

If you have a preschool child, and you’re looking for a wonderful way to help your child learn the alphabet, the LEGO Letters Set would be a perfect complement to the LEGO DUPLO table.

LEGO Letters Set

The LEGO Letters Set features include the following:

• Enables parents to merge the fun of LEGOs into an interactive and exciting learning experience with their child

• Complete set of letters and special characters that you and your        child can attach to the plate

• The sound of your voice combined with alphabet identification will  
   lead your child to comprehend the correlation between the                    letters they see and the words you speak to them

• The more frequently the parent works with the child will determine
       the child's comprehension skills and can improve the child’s                  vocabulary prior to entering school

Would you like another option for your child to play with the LEGO Letters Set?  Look no further than the LEGO DUPLO Playwall.
Lego Duplo Playwall from 3 Years

This playwall, with a 3-year old minimum age, allows your child to utilize your empty wallspace to play with LEGO DUPLO toys.

This playwall also includes a convenient storage area directly below the wall.
  This storage area aids in cleanup and assures your child that the pieces that he or she played with the night before will still be there in the morning.

New LEGO Table for Girls!

Although boys and girls have always played with the LEGO brand, there really hadn't been a table to my knowledge that had been specifically made for girls.

That has changed due to the table shown below...

Girls Pink LEGO DUPLO Table
The Abracadabrazoo Girls' Pink Preschool 2 in 1 Table and Chair set includes 4 building plates, two chairs and a cover for protection while not playing.  In addition, a net is also included for incredibly easy cleanup.

Since this table does not come with LEGO blocks, you may want to purchase the LEGO Bricks and More DUPLO Pink Brick Box.  Included with the bricks are carrots, flowers and an inspirational pamphlet to help idea generation.

This table also goes perfectly with the LEGO Bellville sets, including the LEGO Bellville Set Horse Stable shown below...
LEGO Belville Set Horse Stable

Be the first to give your daugher a "table of her own."

We’ll end this with two easy to follow, but important LEGO tips:

Tip 1
LEGO DUPLO Building Plates

If your child has a sleepover with several children, you may want to purchase a few extra building plates.  Due to the flat side of the plate, these extra plates can be played with on flat surface such as a floor, or in a pinch, on a carpet.   That way, no child gets left out!  

Of course, if you regularly expect an inordinately large number of children to come over, you may want to buy another table.  Please don’t do that unless you really want to and can afford it.

Tip 2

I know we all want to be super parents to our children, but please remember to match your child’s age with the minimum suggested age for the table.  In addition, please make sure any additional LEGO toys you’re considering on buying are also age-appropriate for your child.

For example, if the LEGO letters set mentioned earlier is appropriate for your child, you wouldn’t want to purchase the LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (8547) for that same child.  The
LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (8547, shown below) would be a fit for a much older child (10 and older).
LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0
This advanced LEGO set helps an older child put together and program robots (How cool is that!).  This would frustrate a younger child and, with the smaller parts, could potentially be dangerous!

In summary, if your child or your children need a larger table, the LEGO DUPLO table may be the perfect table for you.  However, there are many other LEGO tables to choose from. 

But if you believe that the LEGO Duplo table is the ideal table for your child, please click here.

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