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Which of the LEGO Tables is Perfect for Your Child?

KidKraft 2 in 1 LEGO Compatible Activity Table Build and Store Block Activity Table Blip Toys Activity Table

Lego Activity Table

Although the title of this post is Lego Activity Table, all of the tables listed below can be used for much more than Lego play.  With these activity tables your child has the means, with your help, to develop some of the essential skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.  These skills include the following:

Of course, as parents we all know how fleeting childhood is.  And life really seems to speed up after that. 

Anyone remember Y2K?  That was more than a decade ago.

Much of your childs' success in later life will depend on the actions you take with your child right now.  A Lego Activity Table can be one of the many tools that can help you shape your child's future development.   

You can never begin soon enough!  Why not take that first big step today?

1. KidKraft Lego Compatible 2 in 1 Activity Table

This very popular LEGO table, protected with melanine
(super-strong, flame-retardent plastic), has many benefits and features to take into account:

LEGO KidKraft 2 in 1 Activity Table

Note: The storage area in the center of the table is so deep that your child may need help getting getting the accessories out to begin playing.

2. Step 2 - Build and Store Block Activity Table

This versatile, multi-use table could very well be the only LEGO Table your child will ever need.  The benefits and features of this Step 2 table include:

Step 2 - Build and Store Block Activity Table

Note: The Step 2 table can only be delivered to locations in the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

3. Blip Toys LEGO Activity Table

Athough this Blip Toys Table is both compact and economical, it also comes with plenty of storage space for young children.  This could be the ideal first Lego table for your child.  The features include:

Blip Toys Activity Table

Note: This table can be shipped to certain countries outside the U.S.

4. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table

This reversible-side, sturdy, 65 pound table is most often used as a train table.

Wonder why?

Melissa and Doug Multi-Activity Table

This Melissa and Doug table sports an immense 50 X 32 1/2 playing area, that's why!  This gives your child plenty of space to spread out a train cars set, play with LEGO bricks or create artwork to proudly display on your refrigerator.

This activity also comes with a large sliding drawer for storage.  No more toys scattered all over the floor.  My parents wish I'd had this growing up!

Note: Similar to the Step 2 table, 
the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table can only be delivered to locations in the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

As shown here, Lego Activity Tables come in a wide variety of styles.  Use the information given above to help you decide which table would be the best choice for your little ones.

For further information, please visit Lego Tables, Lego Duplo Table, Lego Play Table, or Lego Table with Storage

You can also have fun with a Lego Activity Table teaching your child the alphabet and numbers.  In fact, you won't need any Lego accessories to accomplish this goal.  For examples of educational games you can play with your children on a Lego Table, please click here.