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Which of the LEGO Tables is Perfect for Your Child?

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LEGO Tables

LEGO, the worlds’ 5th largest toy company that was voted “The Toy of the Century,” was founded by a father and son carpentry team, Ole Kirk and Godtfried Christiansen in Billund, Denmark.

Although their business began in 1932, the LEGO name was not coined until two years later, after their then wooden toys became immensely popular.  One of the prime features of this respected product line are its LEGO tables, which are as sturdy and durable as the LEGO brand itself has been over the years.

While LEGO tables are primarily built with wood, some tables have LEGO and LEGO DUPLO (bigger blocks or bricks for younger children with smaller hands) plates built into them.

These studded plates, built with Acrylonitrile Butadine Styrene (ABS) are nearly indestructible and scratch resistant.  The LEGO bricks securely attach to the studs in the plates freeing your child to fully explore wherever his or her imagination will take him or her.  

Encourage your child to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities with LEGOS!

The LEGO tables wide variety of styles can be found anywhere from studio apartments to spacious homes.  Many educators also recommend and purchase LEGO tables for their classrooms.
Determining which table will serve your child’s purposes can be easily solved by considering 2 main factors:

1. Your child’s age, and...

2. The number of children that will be playing together.

The minimum suggested ages for the tables break down into two general ranges:

    2-3 years and up
•    5 years and up

Some other features of the various LEGO tables that you’ll also want to think about may include the following (please check the specifics of each table before you purchase):

1.    Mesh storage pockets
2.    Detachable plates for easy access to storage
3.    Playmats with LEGO themes
4.    LEGO or DUPLO building plates (for more detail, see above)
5.    Reversible table top

6.   Chairs

Some popular LEGO tables include:

2-3 Years and Up

A. Lego 3-Seat Play Table: With 3 chairs and a large play area, this table is great for homes and probably the perfect LEGO table for classrooms.

Lego 3-Seat Play Table

This table works wonderfully with both LEGO and SYSTEM bricks. There are 3 LEGO building plates attached to the table.

B. Abracadabrazoo Girls' Pink Preschool 2 in 1 Table and Chair set

This LEGO kids table and chairs is specifically designed for young ladies who also want to enjoy the LEGO brand.  It includes the following:
  • 2 chairs
  • 4 ABS-made building plates
Girls Pink LEGO DUPLO Table
  • Protective cover
  • Storage net

C. Jonti-Craft Kydz Building Table - LEGO Compatible with Colored Tubs:  This more compact but versatile table has several features to consider:

Jonti-Craft Kydz Building Table

  • Large enough to comfortably allow several children to play together, but small enough to fit into your recreation room
  • LEGO or DUPLO building plate is permanently attached to the table - one less piece to worry about storing
  • 4 optional tubs for storage - tubs come in different colors for better organization

5 Years and Up

A. LEGO Compatible Play Table

This table is specifically made for older children, 5-13 years of age. 

It features a large playing surface for several children and cleanup really easy.  There is a mesh sack that your child can simply toss the toys into, where they'll be waiting the next day.

This table also comes with options other LEGO tables don't have, such as:

1. A DUPLO grid version and....

A Flip-Top reversible grid version (LEGOs on one side, DUPLOs on the other)

B. LEGO Imaginarium Table: This reversible LEGO table has both a studded side for building the next spaceship, tank or muscle car with LEGO or DUPLO bricks; and a smooth side for reading a favorite book, coloring or drawing. Two chairs are included as a part of this set.

Lego Imaginarium Table

Storage nets underneath this table make clean up a snap.  If you have 2 children, then the LEGO Imaginarium Table is especially waiting for you!

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